Friday, January 4, 2008

Tiger postscript

The truth finally comes out:

Zoo officials say the tiger likely climbed out of an empty moat that separated the public from the animal's enclosure, which had a 12 1/2-foot wall, making it 4 feet shorter than the recommended minimum height for U.S. zoos.

4 feet shorter than the recommended 16 1/2-foot height, huh? That's 25% too short. That's not what I call a little bit too short. That's a fairly significant deficiency. 25%... wow. That's like seeing a 6-foot tall man and estimating that his height is 4' 6".

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Morrisquads said...

Your tiger posts are hilarious!

You know those kids were like, "It's Christmas - let's go to the zoo and throw shit at the Tigers."