Thursday, February 28, 2013


My (much) younger brother once asked me, very earnestly, how my friends and I were able to hang out when I was in high school way back in the pre-cell phone era. Having grown up in a world full of cell phones, he was used to the idea of just being able instantly get a hold of any of your friends and make plans on the fly. The idea that way back in 1995 a bunch of us would make plans in advance to, say, meet up somewhere at a specific time was utterly alien and vaguely quaint to him.

I don't object to the informal, off the cuff attitude towards scheduling with friends and family. I am, however, going to continue to fight what is probably a loosing battle against it in professional contexts.

"Sure, just call me whenevs" is not acceptable professionally, knuckleheads. I suggest we extend each other the courtesy of scheduling a specific time to chat, clearing our schedules of distractions and conflicts at that time and then keeping it.